The nature

The landscapes of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Maures are adored worldwide.

But beyond the most famous sites, there are some lesser-known places, far from the crowds, often unique, and ideal for relaxing and exploring. It is here that you will discover an entirely different side of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez…

La Môle Valley, with its lush appearance and remarkable landscapes, offers a unique atmosphere. Its little-changed natural areas and rural charm make this preserved valley the “lung” of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

The site also boasts an exceptional biodiversity. Its variety of different environments, including stretches of water, pastureland, fields and forests, provides a range of ecosystems which are home to protected species, many rarely found in the Mediterranean region.


Three ways to explore the valley all year round (documentation available at the Tourist Office)

The botanical path

allows you to discover 34 plants specific to our locality, with the help of 18 illustrated panels. A perfect family outing.



The ridge path

This path draws sports fanatics to the heights of the Maures Massif. After passing cork oaks, arbutus, briars and lentisks, it emerges onto the ridge, offering impressive views over the Gulf and the Maures.



The Môle Valley traditional activities discovery trail

Along a path which is easily manageable by cyclists and pedestrians, 5 thematic panels offer information on the cork oak, the mulberry bush, grazing, and cane and briar plants, which locals have long cultivated and used.