The Saint-Tropez peninsula and The Gulf of Saint Tropez

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Thinking of the Saint-Tropez peninsula as no more than the famous Pampelonne beach would be a big mistake. Because just behind, not far from there, sit hidden landscapes to rival the finest picture-postcard scenes. Only those who venture along the coastal path will have the chance to marvel at the creeks and capes which mark the coastline. Further inland, the narrow streets of the overhanging villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle look down over little valleys covered in pine groves and vines. Far from the celebrity lifestyle, the authentic charms of nature are truly dazzling!

Whether you turn your gaze eastwards out to sea, or inland to the west, the panoramic view is fascinating, alternating between sea-level ports, vast stretches of water, hilltop villages, ridges and summits. The sheltered waters here are adored by pleasure sailors, and the many surrounding beaches are a swimmer’s delight. The Gulf of Saint Tropez, enclosed by the Maures Massif, is easy to fall in love with. And the sunsets here are unforgettable.