An enjoyable visit should always include the pleasures of the senses…. and around here your taste buds won’t miss out!

Whether you sample the local wine, patiently matured by our estates, or some of the sea food or vegetables skilfully prepared by our artisan producers and chefs, you are sure to be delighted by our local flavours.

Our local produce is brimming with sunshine!


Wines and vines: our local speciality!
Cogolin’s terroir dates back some 2600 years, and its estates undulate across a harmonious landscape. Come and visit our cellars, full of well-structured red wines, clear, bright rosés, and dry, fruity whites.

Each estate has its own specific climate, sun exposure and hydration levels, from which its draws its originality. The vineyards of Cogolin, sheltered by the Maures mountains and steeped in Mediterranean influences, thus enjoy a privileged geographical location.

Cogolin’s six estates and châteaux all hold the status of ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Côtes de Provence’.



La Conserverie au Bec Fin, a true ambassador of Provençal tradition, has been delighting food lovers since 1991 with its sun-drenched specialities, spreads and gourmet delicacies. It favours artisanal production techniques combining modernity and authenticity, as you can discover for yourself on a factory tour. And you will find all La Conserverie’s products for sale in La boutique de Marie, adjacent to the workshops.



In 1955, Alexandre Micka opened a patisserie on Place de la Mairie in Saint-Tropez, where he sold a cream brioche inspired by his grandmother’s recipe, which he kept a jealously guarded secret.

The iconic film “And God Created Woman” was being shot at this time, and the patisserie was regularly visited by the film crew, who discovered this cream brioche. Apparently it was Brigitte Bardot herself who gave the pastry its name, and tarte tropézienne was born…

In 1962, Alexandre Micka opened a facility in Cogolin, on Rue Beausoleil, to increase his production capacity. Ever since, the famous tarte tropézienne has been produced…. in Cogolin!