Cogolin Terre Mer in music!

A sound signature for the city

Cogolin acquires a new sound identity to accompany its brand signature : “Cogolin, terre-mer”.

« Cogolin Music » is an original creation of the Lifeproduction agency. It embodies the values, ambition and vision of our city. This music carries the different facets of the city (heritage, sea, land), expresses modernity, the tourist promise, well-being, dynamism!



Why a sound logo, a sound signature …
Creating a brand’s sound identity means creating its musical embodiment, namely finding the elements of melody, sound texture and harmony that enhance the brand and carry its message. The challenge with Cogolin was to translate the vision embodied by the new signature, Terre Mer, while integrating its modern and tourist dimension in a rapidly changing context: digital revolution, tourist competition, village turned city.



What use?
This signature is there to support all audio and visual communications
It is not simply a question of integrating a sound signature into radio advertising spots, you will find it on digital media (Facebook, website, YouTube …), phone messages, videos …
Finally, we will never forget that the aim of the music is to get closer to the people we represent and to make love our city to those who do not yet know it! Indeed, she has emotional power.



Listen to it, soak up the universe of Cogolin: sea, cicada, piano whose volutes rise over the song to signify that the more we know Cogolin, the more it reveals itself revealing its multiple treasures: historical, natural, living heritage and peaceful and lively life all year round! Everyone will find the life they like there.